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Old School New Body

Old School New Body Male and Female

The Old School New Body fitness program is also known as Focus 4 Exercise system or simply F4X. This program is specially designed to serve experienced adults with tremendous health and fitness benefits. Becky Holman and Steve have created this modified workout program for people above 35 age group and it ensures safe techniques for obtaining dream body shape.

The F4X system actually works in three unique phases where people need to focus on specific workouts that need 90 minutes to complete. Each phase of this program has unique benefits and works for different fitness aspects. The best thing to know is that you can bring additional phase into progress while working on one phase at a time. It takes very less time to improve your body shape and meets your dream fitness goals.

The three phases of Old School New Body fitness program are:

  • The Lean Phase: This phase help people to lose accumulated body fat while improving their abilities to increase results for current fitness level.

  • The Shape Phase: In this phase, practitioner can start developing lean muscles while observing great fat reduction in his/her body.

  • The Build Phase: The final phase is dedicated to those who are interested to maximize their bulk.

Note that, you need to follow specific diet and exercise plans for each phase to speed up your fitness results.

Benefits of F4X system:

You might be interested to know that what the major promises are made by F4X system for your fitness improvement. It is really interesting to know that this unique fitness system has lots of things to offer you, the details are as below:

  • It works for weight loss especially by focusing on tough areas like hips, buttocks, thighs and stomach.

  • You will find it a time saving solution; you need to spare only 90 minutes in whole week.

  • Old School New Body system helps to boost metabolism so your body becomes able to burn more calories and also stay energetic all the time.

  • It improves muscle mass and can also ensure protection from injuries when you grow older.

  • This program reduces soreness and stiffness related risks from muscles and joints so that you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle even after retirement.

  • You will find your body more flexible with routine practice and it helps to improve athletic performance as well as overall body balance.

  • Your body will appear well toned.

  • This fitness program also improves your stamina, energy and flexibility for sex life.

  • You will forget the term tiredness as this program will enhance energy level in your body.


This program is backed-up by 100% money back guarantee so you can feel safe about your money. As per reviews obtained from users, this program shows effective results within very less time by improving your muscle strength. As it is all about workouts routines so you can stay safe from side effects. Those who are thinking about bulk can avail great benefits from its three phase system.

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