The 3 Week Diet Review

The 3 Week Diet: Does It Work?

Brian Flatt 3 Week Diet

  Review by Stephanie Lewis

Hi and welcome to our review on the 3 Week Diet by Brian Flatt.

Like always, this review will be broken into three main sections:

1. The basics section that will help you to find out what The 3 Week Diet is all about.

2. The pros and cons section which includes the most important advantages and disadvantages that we think you should know about Brian Flatt’s program.

3. The conclusions section where we share our final thoughts on this diet program…

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The Basics

“The 3 Week Diet” was created by Brian Flatt, a weight loss specialist and a fitness expert. In simple words, this is a holistic diet program that was designed to assist you losing up to 20 pounds within a short period of just 21 days, and without going on brutal diets or fierce exercise routines.

According to the creator, Brian Flatt, if you strictly follow the step-by-step instructions he describes in his program you can expect to get the results listed below:

* Lose around 12 to 20 pounds of your weight.

* Improve your cholesterol level.

* Boost your energy.

* Reduce your cellulite significantly (in case you suffer from this condition).

In order to assist you getting those results, there are four different guides provided inside the 3 Week Diet system. These four guides are the “Introduction guide”, The “Mindset & Motivational guide”, The “Workout guide” and The “Diet guide”. Brian Flatt explains that by simply combining all of these four guides you can expect to get the optimum results from his program…

In a nutshell, here are some of the most important things you can expect to learn inside these guides:

  • Effective strategies and important things that you have to follow to get rid of those stubborn body fats.
  • A complete diet regimen which will assist you to lose weight while enjoying the foods you like.
  • Handy information on how to control your fat percentage and lean mass.
  • Tips on how to design the 3 Week Diet to suit your personal body type and needs for better results.
  • The exact amount and types of foods you need to eat each day, and when to eat them.
  • List of foods which you should stay away from.
  • Detailed and effective exercise plans that take just around 20 minutes a day, 3 to 4 times a week.


The Pros And Cons

Female before and after diet


The Pros


1. Uses Holistic Approach

When it comes to weight loss, it is not merely eating the right foods. Following the right exercise plan and developing a healthy mindset are equally crucial to make sure you can stick to any weight loss plan and achieve the results you are after.

Luckily enough, Brian Flatt is very aware of this, and his 3 Week Diet program focuses on all of these aspects (diet, exercise and motivation & mindset). In this way you can easily stick to the plan and achieve impressive results faster.

2. A Great Choice For People With Busy Schedules

Realistically, most people nowadays live a hectic life with busy schedule, and it’s so hard for most of us to find enough time for thinking about exercise and healthy diet.

The good news for those busy people is that the 3 Week Diet program includes fat-burning workouts which take just around 20 minutes daily and can be followed only three times a week.

3. Covers Other Important Health Topics

Another good thing about the 3 Week Diet Program is that various health topics are covered by the author inside the guides so anyone can get a better understanding of not only weight loss but also other important health concerns.

4. Offers Pretty Fast Results

There are some controversial here, as not all nutrition experts and fitness professionals agree with quick weight loss for normal people. Still, losing 12 to 20 pounds within 21 days is quite impressive, and we have only seen few weight loss programs at this price range so far which could provide the same results.

5. The Author Provides Full Money Back Guarantee

Brian Flatt offers full money-back guarantee for his 3 Week Diet program and promises that if within several weeks after purchasing his program you didn’t get any results or were not impressed with what you’ve learned, he will simply give you back every penny you spent.

This decent guarantee allows you to take the 3 Week Diet program for a “test drive” and gives you enough time to see for yourself if this program is really for you or not without risking your money…


The Cons


1. There Are No Scientific Studies That Support The Program

If there were some scientific studies supporting this program it would be more credential in our opinion. Additionally, we believe Brian Flatt had better offer recommendations from reputable medical professionals about the safeness of quick weight loss which he offers in his program.

2. It Seems That Brian Flatt Is Just A Pen Name

We went through a research on Brian Flatt’s background to verify his credibility as a fitness and health expert. Sadly, we couldn’t find sufficient information.

It doesn’t mean that Brian doesn’t exist, and as a matter of fact, nowadays people often use a pen name when publishing their guides and programs online. Still, we think if the author could provide a brief personal history, it could make the program more credible as well.

3. You Can Buy It Only In A Downloadable Edition

All the guides inside the 3 Week Diet program are formatted in eBook format and they can be purchased online only. While this should not be much of a trouble for the majority of people, it may still disappoint some who have bad internet connection or those who simply don’t like reading eBooks at all…

Our Conclusions

Just like any other diet program, The 3 Week Diet has its pros and cons, and it may not be the right program for everyone. Even so, the fact that Brian Flatt provides a 60-day money back guarantee lets you easily try this program without having any risk at all. This is a big plus and something that we truly appreciate, considering that this program supposed to give you impressive results in only 21 days…

Personally, we really like that inside his 3 Week Diet program Brian Flatt focuses on all the aspects which we believe are crucial for success when it comes to weight loss (diet, exercise and mindset), and not only on one or two of them like most programs these days do. In addition, the fact that the workouts described inside the “Workout guide” require just around 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week, is another great advantage that makes the 3 Week Diet an excellent choice for busy persons.

Overall, if you are trying to lose weight fast, improve your cholesterol level, and boost your energy every single day, then we will recommend you giving the 3 Week Diet program a try. After all, if you won’t be satisfied with what you learned or with the results you got from this program, you can always take advantage of Brian Flatt’s 60-day money back guarantee policy…


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