Wake Up Lean by Meredith Shirk Review

Wake Up Lean by Meredith Shirk

Wake Up Lean Review

Meredith Shirk is a popular NASM certified nutrition specialist and fitness trainer who have designed “Wake Up Lean” fitness program. This system mainly focuses upon males and females who have crossed the 40 age group and need an effective solution to lose their belly fat. Wake Up Lean became more popular due to its amazing ‘13 second food trick’ that provides stunning results. It works by reducing inflammation enzymes in human body so that metabolism can be boosted immediately to avail fast results.

As per the creator of this program, there is no thumb rule that eating less and exercising more will result in weight loss. Rather, the major need is to bring metabolism into right pace so that whole body can switch to right functionality and fitness can be achieved naturally. Shirk gives two major reasons behind difficulties that people face in weight loss:

1st Reason: She believes that major problem in human body is created by fat cells because they keep on releasing adipokines hormones continuously that boosts fat storage while increasing chances for Type 2 Diabetes.

2nd Reason: She says that even week blood vessels are capable enough to complete their task of fat burning but the inflammation enzymes destroy them and they become narrow. Now, whenever person spends time on swimming, running or exercising then fat cells release fatty acids that are required to be transported to whole body but improper blood circulation disrupts this action and they start accumulating in different parts of body.

The Wake Up Lean program is perfect solution for all these situations as it is the perfect combination of best nutrients and minerals. The program works with its three components:

  • The 10 Day Flat Belly Blueprint: It is a step by step manual that provided guidelines about right food products for a flatter belly.

  • 24 Hour Flushing Protocol: Focuses on specific parts of body to reduce fat.

  • 5 Minute Lean Body Burst: List of short but useful exercises for effective results.


  • It is specifically designed for 40 plus age group.

  • Ensures fast fat loss results.

  • Affordable option.

  • Supported by scientific facts.

  • Money Back Guarantee.


  • You need to keep patience and also need to cut down few specific food items from your routines.

  • Snacks are not allowed for whole program duration.

  • You will be able to access this program only in form of digital copies. Most of people find it little difficult to read those eBooks for hours to go through the instructions.


As like all other popular weight loss programs you will find some pros and cons of Wake Up Lean too but due to its age optimized package design it appears most suitable option for quality results. This fitness program is backed up by several scientific facts so it is much easier to develop trust on its results. The best part is its affordability and the simple structure of instructions that anyone can understand and follow with ease.

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